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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Someone somewhere please demand that ALL presidential candidates undergo drug testing because Robert Francis “Bozo” O’Rourke acts like he smokes crack- on a regular basis

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I think some possible Democratic candidates are going to allow the current ones to beat each other to a pulp and then enter the race as the “White Knight Savior of the Party…”
Los Angeles, CA, 03-17-2019 Sunday:  Well, the 2020 Presidential Election is heating up.  On Thursday, Robert Francis “Beto-Bozo” O’Rourke, the phony Latino, threw his hat into the roiling waters of Democratic Party presidential politics and man, oh, man, what is it with this guy?  As the Baby Evita- AOC, aka the Fly, speaks like a first grader with all the ‘likes’ and ‘you knows’ and with spittle flying from her taught lips, so, too, does Bozo O’Rourke have his peculiar mannerisms (not to mention he sticks a wad of socks in his pants for the ladies…and the gays). 
The guy has so much spasmodic movements, hands, face, body contorting, slobber running down his chin, his actions make me think of crack heads who have washed dishes for me in the past.  The guy could not beat Senator Ted Cruz in a close race in Texas so now, he thinks he can be president.  Wow.   
At the time I began writing this post, we were still awaiting Joe Biden’s decision, cobwebs growing on everything and everyone awaiting his decision in the room, and if he is not in by the time this goes to press, I seriously doubt that he will.  I mean, if we all thought that good old Jeb Bush was ‘low energy,’ “CHOMO Joe” is so lethargic that one must wonder how long has the old guy got left in him?  Seemingly, not so much.
Now, the Democrats have all sorts of circus freaks in the race.  The first one is the one whom NO one seems to know, former Maryland Congressman John “Nobody Knows Me” Delaney who threw his hat into the ring back on July 28, 2017. 
Delaney might not be a bad guy, more in the manner of a Jim Webb but Mr. Webb, being among the sanest of the Democratic candidates the last time around was the first to drop out.  Following him were RINO turncoat Lincoln Chaffe, then Martin O’Malley, and finally Crazy Commie Bernie Sanders before Hillary won the nomination.  Big woof.
Then, the next Democrat to enter the race was self-made multi-millionaire businessman Andrew “REAL Manchurian Candidate” Yang, a man who tossed his Chairman Mao hat into the ring on November 06, 2017. 
Mr. Yang wants to give every American a check because he believes it will help build the economy.  Unfortunately, it most likely will help build the BLACK MARKET economy as everyone receiving a free check will apply it to crack cocaine, pot, alcohol, and lap dances.  What a waste.
Tulsi “I Never Met a Middle Eastern Despot I didn’t Love” Gabbard, congresswoman from Hawaii who has some major anti-LGBTQ (and all the rest of the crap they pile at the end of those letters) hate speech to somehow get past became the next person in the little DNC free-for-all.  While a respected military vet, like Jim Webb, she is too sane to be the standard-bearer of the party.  She announced on January 11, 2019.
A day later, little Julian “Hey Everyone, I’m a Mexican” Castro announced his bid to cheering crowds of screaming illegal aliens, promising to abolish ICE, tear down the wall, and do all sorts of other far-left kooky things.  Going to be fun.
On January 21, 2019, Krazy Kamala Harris, ‘esteemed’ senator from California who as attorney-general sent many of her fellow minority citizens to prisons across the state and threw away the keys.  Wow, what a gal. 
Ask Krazy Kamala something about someone or something and she will immediately adopt it as her own, whether giving reparations to black folks or legalizing sex work or legalizing all drugs. 
Even more joyous, she wants to make the rest of the country like the flipping mess we call California.  She is as malleable as is Silly Putty and will adopt any stance, any cause, any line of bulls**t.  And they say Trump goes with the last word of whomever he last spoke with; boy, I cannot wait.
Then we have “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, the first OPENLY gay boy ever to seek the presidency.  He announced on January 23, 2019.  Imagine, the first gay president, boy would we be proud. 
Liberals and anti-Trumpists think the world does not respect us now with Donald J. Trump in the White House, imagine EVERY leftist dictator, every African potentate, every communist-loving thug like Vladimir Putin, Nicolas Maduro, and Raul Castro- not to mention the Muslim nations- where would the respect be then?  Nonexistent, I suspect.
On February 01, 2019, a probable but closeted gay boy- except when he enters public men’s rooms- Creepy Cory Booker, the self-proclaimed ‘Spartacus’ with the big poached egg, Rodney Dangerfield eyes, made his announcement.  Like Krazy Kamala, Creepy Cory adopts all manner of loony-tunes ideas and policies, mostly from whomever the amiable dunce spoke with last.  What a guy. 
On February 09, 2019, the famed “Native American” lawmaker, the woman who has now said she has ‘lied’ on more than one occasion about being an Indian, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren made her announcement.  Big whoop.  Every time she comes out, they should be playing the Youngbloods- or- the Guess Who’s- version of the classic tune, “Running Bear.”  Awesome.
On February 10, 2019, in a blinding snowstorm, Amy “the Bitch” Klobuchar announced her bid and almost disappeared in the whiteout.  She has little to no chance at winning the nomination and will be among the first to drop out.  Imagine, having to have then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have to scold you for bitching out your staffers?  That is pretty flipping bad and quite sad.  See you later, Senator Amy. 
Then, on February 19, 2019, Bernie “Commie” Sanders, the guy that reminds people of an insect with his jerky arm movements and his index fingers pointing all over the place said he was ‘in’ for the challenge of winning the nomination.  The Democratic-Socialist is officially an ‘independent,’ I thought that Tom “Foul Mouth” Perez said one had to be a “Democrat” to seek the nomination of their party meant “Commie Sanders” could not run for the nomination of THEIR party.  No word about this.
Then, on March 01, 2019, we had another loser enter the race, Washington Governor Jay Inslee.  Not much to be said about this climate change-fighting loser who says he will fight climate change although as governor, he had ample time in which to do so but did diddly squat about it.  Hypocrite.  He will disappear along with the Bitch.
Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper announced his bid on March 04, 2019.  When asked if he is a ‘capitalist,’ he cannot say he is or is not.  The man is a loser and some of the other losers who SHOULD go down in flames like indigenous people identity-stealing Pocahontas Warren might actually have an opportunity because much of the rest are SO BAD.
Then we have Bozo O’Rourke.  Someone please drug test this fool.  He acts like he is high on dope and something must be done to help the stupid fool.
Hillary said she was NOT in the running on March 04 (as did Eric Holder) while Senator Sherrod Brown said he was OUT on March 07.  I suspect the latter is smart and wants to see the nuts undercut and ruin one another while the former is hoping an opening will appear later and she will enter the race as the savior of the party.  Watch out for Michelle!
Okay, in closing, we are still awaiting the following to either announce or not announce: John F. “Lurch” Kerry; Senator Michael Bennett; Bob Casey; Stephen Clark Bullock; Jeff Merkley; Eric Swalwell; Terry “The Punk” McAuliffe; Mitch Landrieu; Andrew Gillum; Stacey Abrams; Michael Bloomberg; and Richard Ojeda.   
Folks, I think that all these losers are going to battle one another to a bloody pulp.  I think if CHOMO Joe enters the race, he will flame out rather quickly whereas I believe that others such as Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Michael Avenatti are awaiting a time when they can enter the race and be seen as the White Knight come to rescue the party from a pack of losers.  LOSERS.  I think if Michelle did enter, she would be heading the pack.  How about that?
I will return in the summer and by that time, Saturday Night Live should show us who is viable and who is not; we will await their word. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!  I will see you then.
Elmer K. Hootenstein
CWC, ACF, the Golden State Chefs’ Association

Like the rest of my colleagues here at the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day, I turned my likeness over to up-and-coming Bakersfield, California, street artist, Simone and this among other images is what I got.  Kudos, Simone, Kudos for making me look, uh, so dignified.  Ah well,  I spent most of my life working in food service in a variety of states and places.  Among my stops was one in Washington State where I met Stinkbug in the WSCA.  We have been friends ever since and have been working long and hard to create an enjoyable reading experience for our fans, provided Google Blogger will allow the public to see us.
Chef Elmer K. “the Hooter” Hootenstein writes from Los Angeles, California.

Chef Elmer K. “the Hooter” Hootenstein is a Moderate Republican.

Contact me at the following email address kingoflosangeles31p@gmail.com

03-17-2019 Sunday—Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCXLVI: “Someone somewhere please demand that ALL presidential candidates undergo drug testing because Robert Francis “Bozo” O’Rourke acts like he smokes crack- on a regular basis” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein
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Hootenstein, Elmer K. Someone somewhere please demand that ALL presidential candidates undergo drug testing because Robert Francis “Bozo” O’Rourke acts like he smokes crack- on a regular basis.”  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCXLVI
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A.                45 B.C.: In his last victory, Julius Caesar defeats the Pompeian forces of Titus Labienus and Pompey the Younger at the Battle of Munda.
B.                432 A.D.: Kidnappers seize St. Patrick, a Roman Catholic Bishop, and take him against his will to serve as a slave in Britain.  
C.                445 A.D.: Roman senator Petronius Maximus becomes Emperor.
D.                461 A.D.: (or 493 A.D. depending upon the source) St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, died in Saul.
E.                1190: Having commenced the slaughter of the Jewish inhabitants of York the previous day, Crusaders bound for the Middle East from England, complete their massacre of the hapless Jews.
F.                 1756: At the Crown and Thistle Tavern in New York City, patrons celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for the first time in the American Colonies.
G.               1762: New York City’s first St. Patrick Day’s parade took place.
H.               1766: Britain repealed the Stamp Act that had caused resentment in the North American colonies.
I.                   1776: During the Revolutionary War, British troops evacuate Boston and regroup in Nova Scotia.
J.                  1800: The English warship, HMS Queen Charlotte, catches fire resulting in the deaths of 700-plus sailors.
K.               1836: Texas abolishes slavery.
L.                1871: Organizers form the National Association of Professional Baseball players.
M.              1884: In Otay, California, John Joseph Montgomery made the first-manned, controlled, heavier-than-air glider flight in the United States.
N.                1886: The Carrollton Massacre occurs in Mississippi as the citizens of the town murder 20 blacks.
O.               1898: John Philip Holland achieves successful test runs of the first modern submarine off Staten Island.
P.                 1901: A showing of 71 Vincent van Gogh paintings in Paris, France, 11 years after the death of the artist, creates a sensation.
Q.               1906: President Theodore Roosevelt first likened crusading journalists to a man with “the muckrake in his hand” in a speech to the Gridiron Club in Washington, D.C.
R.                1912: The Campfire Girls Organization underwent incorporation in Washington, D.C.; two years to the day after the first chapter underwent founding in Thetford, Vermont.  In modern times, we now know the group as Camp Fire U.S.A.
S.                 1917: The first bowling tournament exclusively for women in the United States commenced on this date in St. Louis, Mo.  Nearly 100 women participated in the event.
T.                1924: The USSR and Sweden establish diplomatic relations with one another’s governments.
U.                1926: In the League of Nations, Spain and Brazil vote against Germany from joining their organization.
V.                1930: Construction commenced on the Empire State Building.
W.             1931: Soviet dictator Josef Stalin expels Krupskaya Lenin from the Central Committee of the Communist Party.
X.                1941: Paul Kantner, future guitarist and vocalist with the Jefferson Airplane/Starship, is born on this date.  Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., President Franklin Delano Roosevelt officially opened the National Gallery of Art. 
Y.                1942: With the arrival of 30,000 Jews from Lublin, Poland, the Belzec Concentration Camp opens for business.  Meanwhile, General Douglas MacArthur arrives in Australia to become supreme commander of all Allied forces in the Pacific Theater during World War II.
Z.                1943: Future drummer with the Jeff Beck GroupTony Newman—is born in the United Kingdom on this date.
AA.          1944: John B. Sebastian, future guitarist/vocalist/harmonica player and songwriter with the Lovin’ Spoonful, was born on this date.
BB.           1946: Future drummer for the Los Angeles-based fun-rock-soul-jazz band, WARHarold Ray Brown—is born on this date.
CC.          1950: Scientists at the University of California at Berkeley announced they had created a new radioactive element, “californium,” aka element 98.
DD.          1953: Future bassist with the Southern rock band, .38 Special 1974-1977—Ken Lyons—is born in Jacksonville, Florida, on this date. 
EE.           1958: The U.S. Navy launched the Vanguard 1 satellite.
FF.           1959: The Dalai Lama flees Tibet in the advance of Chinese troops to take refuge in neighboring India.
GG.         1960: President Dwight D. Eisenhower forms an anti-Fidel Castro-exile army under the auspices of the CIA.
HH.         1963: Pope John XXIII beatified Mother Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton, an American.  Twelve years later, Pope Paul VI canonized her.
II.               1966: A U.S. midget submarine located a missing hydrogen bomb, which had fallen from an American bomber into the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain.
JJ.             1969: Golda Meir becomes the fourth prime minister of Israel.
KK.         1970: The United States cast its first veto in the U.N. Security Council by killing a resolution that would have condemned Britain for failure to use force to overthrow the white-ruled government of Rhodesia.  Elsewhere, the U.S. Army charged 14 officers with suppression of facts in the My Lai massacre case.
LL.           1972: To achieve desegregation, President Richard M. Nixon asked Congress to halt bussing.
MM.      1973: In a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph by Slava Veder of the Associated Press that captured the family on the tarmac at Travis Air Force Base in California as they joyously greeted U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Robert L. Stirm, a freed prisoner of the Vietnam War.
NN.          1976: The U.S. military conducts nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site.
OO.         1985: President Ronald Reagan agreed to a joint study with Canada on acid rain.
PP.           1988: Avianca Flight 410, a Boeing 727, crashed after takeoff into a mountain in Colombia, killing all 143 people aboard it.  Meanwhile, Iran claims that Iraq has used poison gas in the Iran-Iraq War.
QQ.         1989: A series of solar flares caused a violent magnetic storm that caused power outages over large regions of Canada. 
RR.          1990: Famed English bassist, Ric Grech who played with Family, Blind Faith, and other UK bands, died due to alcoholism on this date.
SS.            1992: White South Africans approved constitutional reforms to give legal equality to blacks.
TT.           1993: Helen Hayes, the “First Lady of the American Theater,” died in Nyack, New York, at age 92.
UU.          2003: Edging to the brink of war, President George W. Bush gave Saddam Hussein 48 hours to leave his country.  However, Iraq rejected Bush’s ultimatum, saying that a U.S. attack to force Saddam from power would be a “grave mistake.”
VV.          2004: NASA’s Messenger became the first spacecraft to enter orbit around Mercury.  The probe took more than 270,000 pictures before it crashed into the surface of the planet on April 30, 2015.
WW.     2011: St. Patrick’s Day parades are now a worldwide event.  Meanwhile, Libya claims it will end fighting on Sunday for the jihadists to turn themselves in to the government.
XX.          2012: Despite being under house arrest in Great Britain, Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, announces he will seek a seat in the senate of Australia.   
YY.          2014: L’ Wren Scott, the 49-year-old model, designer, and longtime girlfriend of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger is discovered dead in her apartment, a mystery to this day.


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44.             06-10-2015 W:  “Political Topics and Essays, Part CDLXXXVI: We pivot towards International Affairs, ISIS, the Lack of Fight in the Commander-in-Chief and whether or not America still has the Ability in its Heart to survive the Next 18 Months and then begin fighting back against the Danger!” by Chef E. K. Hootenstein.
45.             06-11-2015 Th:  “Political Topics and Essays, Part CDLXXXVII: Like it or Not, we return to discussing the Conquest of Homosexual Rights, what it means for the USA, and what is going to be the Result if we do not find a Way and the Will to stop it” by Chef E. K. Hootenstein.
46.             06-12-2015 F:  “Political Topics and Essays, Part CDLXXXVIII: Chef Elmer concludes what he began Yesterday while also bringing up the Inexorable Spread of Islam and Sharia Law throughout the United States—Abercrombie & Fitch?” by Chef E. K. Hootenstein.
47.             06-13-2015 S: “Weekend Session, Part V: Chef Hootenstein shares some of his Favorite Facebook Editorial Comments as well as a Comment he made Last Week at a ThinkProgress Post at their Website—those People are Crazy!” by Chef E. K. Hootenstein.
48.             06-14-2015 Su: “Weekend Session, Part VI: like it or NOT, I had to come back and discuss the Travesty of the Bruce Jenner Story because Folks—it should make every single one of us SICK!—watch your Kids!” by Chef E. K. Hootenstein.
49.             06-27-2016 M: “Following the Terror Attack on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, a Few Weeks ago, Terror seemingly is on the Minds of Everyone and for Good Reason—we have a Weak President” by Chef E. K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCLXXVII
50.             06-28-2016 T:  “Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Recent Texas Law demanding Abortion Providers possess Admitting Privileges at Local Hospitals—what is it they do not understand about the Nation being on the Road to Ruin?” by Chef E.K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCLXXVIII
51.             06-29-2016 W:  “Benghazi, Libya, Terror Attack of September 11, 2012, was and still is a MESS for which, Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power bear ULTIMATE Responsibility—SHAME ON THEM!” by Chef E.K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCLXXIX
52.             06-30-2016 Th:  “The True ‘Inconvenient Truth’ is that World Leaders in General and President Barack Hussein Obama in particular lack the Testicular Fortitude to take the fight to ISIS and end the Threat to Civilization once and for all!” by Chef E.K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCLXXX
53.             07-01-2016 F: “The Leftwing Anti-War Leftists who brought about the Collapse of South Vietnam now seek to do the Same Thing to America, a Nation they despise, hate, and want to undermine—we must STOP them on November 07 by voting for Donald Trump” by Chef E.K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCLXXXI
54.             07-02-2016 S:  “Things are pretty damned bad when the sitting Attorney General can meet with an Ex-President whose Wife is the Presidential Nominee of her Party and whom the FBI currently investigates over Private Email Server and hacked Emails—Yikes!” by Chef E.K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCLXXXII
55.             07-03-2016 Su: “Ash Carter says it is ‘A-Okay’ for the Transgender Folks to come out of the Shadows and serve in the Armed Forces of the Nation’—Hello, has anyone ever heard of Ancient Greece and how it fell?” by Chef E.K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCLXXXIII
56.             12-05-2016 M: “I agree with Tiresias—if the Democrats want to consider the Popular Vote, then let the Nation establish a National Voter ID Card with Chip Technology—NO ILLEGALS” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.   Political Topics and Essays, Part CMXXXVIII
57.             12-06-2016 T: “Donald Trump knows exactly what he is doing, and it is about Time that we renew Diplomatic Relations with Taiwan, once our Number One Ally in Asia” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part CMXXXIX
58.             12-07-2016 W:  “The Reason WHY the USA has Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and even States is Plain and Simple—Democratic Governments want to maintain Control and the ONLY way to do it is through Illegal Alien Votes” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part CMXL
59.             12-08-2016 Th: “President Obama continues traveling around giving Speeches as though his Words mean something—we cannot get this Man out of Office quickly enough, please, sir, will you leave NOW?” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part CMXLI
60.             12-09-2016 F:  “Despite what Karl Rove says about the Cost of the Boeing Deal for TWO New Air Force Ones, Donald Trump most likely is correct that the Finished Products will cost about $4 Billion” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part CMXLII
61.             12-10-2016 S: “Every American should take Heart in the Fantastic Cabinet and Associated Posts that President-elect Donald J. Trump continues to build, one that will give EVERY American a Great Deal of Confidence” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part CMXLIII
62.             12-11-2016 Su: “I cannot take it anymore—I am compelled to blast Bakersfield Californian Opinion Author Danny Morrison over his Faux Claim that ‘Barack Obama is the Greatest President of All of our Lifetimes’—WTF?” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part CMXLIV
63.             03-20-2017 M: “The Leftist Shadow Service has gone overboard in its attempt to remove President Donald J. Trump from Office or to neuter him, which is why we need to squash these Sons-of-Bitches First!” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MXXVIII
64.             03-21-2017 T: “Time to call for a Constitutional Convention now that the GOP controls almost EVERYTHING with the express purpose of placing term limits on everything within government at ALL levels” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MXXIX
65.             03-22-2017 W: “Pest Control may have to ‘tent the entire state of California’ if we are ever going to free ourselves from the dimwitted Democrat infestation eating us alive” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MXXX
66.             03-23-2017 Th: “Once again, President Donald J. Trump is correct—someone within the Obama Administration okayed the surveillance of both the Candidate and the 45th President—WHAT?” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MXXXI
67.             03-24-2017 F: “When the Democrats begin acting like a legitimate political party once again, I will begin to take their concerns seriously; however, until that time comes, they need to shut the F**K up” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MXXXII
68.             03-25-2017 S: “After what happened to the 14-year-old girl at Rockville High School in Maryland, how can ANYONE want to have ‘sanctuaries’ for illegal aliens?” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MXXXIII
69.             03-26-2017 Su: “At some point, the taxpayers of the country are going to explode, which means the Democrats might go the way of the Dodo bird and other extinct animals” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MXXXIV
72.             09-13-2017 W: “ESPN Monday Night Football’s experiment with Sergio Dipp on the sidelines once again demonstrates their ignorance as to what the American people want when it comes to sports—NO politics!” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MCCII
75.             09-16-2017 S: “Other than for blaming our blog, Hillary seems to blame everyone else for an election she and her party lost through running her as a candidate and then deluding themselves as to how massive her victory would be” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MCCV
76.             09-17-2017 Su: “Befuddled Dems profess no clue as to what Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Imran Awan were doing—I think I know they were doing the down and dirty anywhere they could in exchange for ISI access to sensitive data” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MCCVI
82.             03-24-2018 S: “The Democrats continue crying about ‘the Russians’ because they need someone to blame for their impending electoral disasters this November- they will never blame themselves” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MCCCLXXXVIII
83.             03-25-2018 Su: “Should white people apologize to black folks for slavery? No, of course not because blacks and Native Americans would have to apologize for having owned slaves, too” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MCCCLXXXIX
86.             09-12-2018 W: “As far as Democrat electoral success goes, Barack Hussein Obama nearly destroyed the party which is why we hope he continues pounding the campaign trail on behalf of fellow Democrats between here and November” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDLX
87.             09-13-2018 Th: “As more damaging information continues to circle the Bob Mueller investigation into President Trump appears, POTUS will turn the tables and the pursuers will become the pursued” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDLXI
88.             09-14-2018 F: “Prior to illegal alien infestation here in California, machete-wielding assailants pursuing ex-girlfriends were not all that common whereas now, they seem to be increasing- WTF?” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDLXII
89.             09-15-2018 S: “Dirty Dianne Feinstein RIPS a page from the Clarence Thomas confirmation playbook, which is why I am voting for her opponent, Kevin De Leon” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDLXIII
90.             09-16-2018 Su: “When Mueller reports, President Trump will end up smelling like a rose while many of the failed coup plotters will find themselves with their heads on the chopping block- how sweet it will be!” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDLXIV
93.             03-13-2019 W: “Democrats demonstrate once again that they cannot win elections, unless rigged in their favor, by seeking to give voting rights to felons, the dead, illegal aliens, and now to sixteen-year-olds” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCXLII
94.             03-14-2019 Th:  “The reason why Mars might be what it now is, is because the Martians may have tried to combat ‘climate change’ the same way fans of the Green New Deal propose here which instead of saving their planet, KILLED it” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCXLIII
95.             03-15-2019 F: “Paul Manafort is the proof that we live in a nascent police state that if he committed known prosecutable crimes 10-12 years ago, then why didn’t the federal government prosecute him then?” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCXLIV
97.             03-17-2019 Su: “Someone somewhere please demand that ALL presidential candidates undergo drug testing because Robert Francis “Bozo” O’Rourke acts like he smokes crack- on a regular basis” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCXLVI

1.      06-10-2015 W: “Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part Forty: Chef E.K. Hootenstein takes over the AICP-END Blog sharing his Thoughts and Ideas on America’s Greatest Artist—Beverly Carrick—she is STUNNING!” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part XLIX
2.      06-29-2016 W: “Gourmet Food, Fine Wine, Great Music and Classic Art featuring that of Beverly Carrick all go together and here in Los Angeles, CA, you see all of them on Display” by Chef E.K. Hootenstein.  Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part CIII
3.      12-07-2016 W: “One Thing I can tell you about Beverly’s Generation is that EVERY American was a Patriot and served the Nation in whatever Form they could following the Attack on Pearl Harbor” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part CXXVI
4.      03-22-2017 W: “Even in these dark and dismal times, times in which, the Democrats run amok, we still have beautiful Beverly Carrick original artworks to celebrate—let’s celebrate!” by Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.  Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part CXLI

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