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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Just the Facts: unless we act now, the prophecy made by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev that communism would devour us from within could soon be realized thanks to indoctrinated leftists like AOC

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“Just the Facts: unless we act now, the prophecy made by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev that communism would devour us from within could soon be realized thanks to indoctrinated leftists like AOC” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht




I’m glad I’m the age I am because I received an honest education growing up and not the indoctrination young people get now…
Pasadena, CA, 03-31-2019 Sunday:  Here we are, the last day of the month and two days before Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, pulls the plug on Google Plus and shuts down one of the most-used social media-networking apps in history.  He does this because we speculate he does it to thwart the flow of speech, because in working with Xi Jinping and against the American military, this foreign-born piece of dreck from the cesspools of India seeks to defy our government while accepting lavish praise and love from the dark ruler of a growing communist empire.    
If there is one thing I know, the United States generally is never prepared for going to war.  We try to live in peace although many dufuses around the globe believe we are imperial ourselves and that we seek to spread American hegemony by entering into alliances and building bases. 
However, after the first blows fall and we suffer the first setbacks, the nation rises to the challenge and defeats its enemies.  We beat back the Japanese and crushed the Germans, Italians, and their lesser allies during World War II.
When North Korea poured over the border in 1950, we almost were driven off the peninsula but clung to a toehold on the southeastern coast until reinforcements drove the communists back, almost to the Chinese border.  Yes, the Chinese poured across and almost drove us out again but we managed to hurl them back and then sit across the DMZ from the North Koreans. 
Vietnam was a war we should never have entered but we could have won the war and done so quite easily.  However, that ‘defeat’ occurred not because of force of arms but because of the growing threat of left-wing politics at home.  If you want to understand where the American left began accumulating power, this was the time because the antiwar movement was funded, supported, and nurtured by the Soviets, by the Chinese, and by the North Vietnamese. 
It does not take a genius to decipher this because it is quite obvious.  Since that time, the left has penetrated deeply into our university system by emplacing teachers, administrators, and students who will work on behalf of the Commintern (to borrow an older phrase) so as to manipulate the minds of the people who will one day be making the decisions that guide our nation.
We are seeing proof of that now via looking at the young people entering politics.  This moron from New York- the Baby Evita- this girl is extremely stupid, what Lenin called ‘useful idiots,’ but she also is crafty like a fox.  She is stupid because she believes the propaganda that ‘climate change’ is altering our world and will be the death of us in twelve short years. 
She is crafty in that she knows if she can challenge financiers of all-things normal by tying them to the errors or mistakes of their clients like fossil fuel and gun companies, they will be less likely to provide the funding so business can continue.
We should all feel palpable fear in our hearts because- let’s face it- these people will be running the show when we are in our twilight years.  What will they do when they hold the power?  Will there be enough sane people to stop them or will we be at their mercy?  Will we become ‘Soylent Green?’
Many of us who write for this blog contend that we may have to move on to greener pastures somewhere else but the question is, WHERE?  Where will be free from the insanity that seems to be gripping the Western World, especially here in the United States, in Canada, and in Europe? 
The Democrats- in their hatred of Donald Trump- will not awaken to the fact that we are in danger with our borders being overrun.  The Border Patrol has apprehended 100,000 people this month, that is a tidal wave of humanity that no nation- even ours- can withstand. 
The Democrats say there is ‘no crisis,’ they will not help President Trump defend our borders and among the youthful leftists now in office or seeking it, we have ones who declare that they will pull down the walls so everyone who wants to enter the nation can do so unimpeded. 
Furthermore, the youthful members of Congress and the ones seeking to win the nomination of their party want to force the Green New Deal down our throats even though they understand we will revert to the Stone Age and that we will be at the mercy of our enemies.  Too many years of watching Bill Nye the (UN-) Science Guy and Captain Planet have turned potentially intelligent future generations into brain-addled dummies. 
Friends, we must work on behalf of President Trump and for the country as we do indeed stand at a crossroads of sorts.  Will we allow what Nikita Khrushchev once promised that ‘we will destroy you from the inside’ or will we fight for our country and its future.  Please, let me know.
We will meet again later in the year, the good Lord willing.  See you then.
Chef Fritz Schlependrecht
American Culinary Federation, Inc., CMC

Up-and-coming Bakersfield, California, street artist, Simone, created the following portrayals that you will see here and at the secondary blog over the course of the week.  We have gone from ancient photos to facsimiles now due to the craziness infecting the greater society around us so you can say it is for security reasons.  I have spent my entire life working in professional food service and am proud of that service.  I currently work and live in the southland. 

Chef Fritz writes from Pasadena, CA.

Chef Fritz is now a proud member of the Republican Party (as of November 08, 2018)

Contact me at cheffritz121@gmail.com.

03-31-2019 Sunday—Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCLXI: “Unless we act now, the prophecy made by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev that communism would devour us from within could soon be realized thanks to indoctrinated leftists like AOC” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht
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Schlependrecht, Fritz Unless we act now, the prophecy made by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev that communism would devour us from within could soon be realized thanks to indoctrinated leftists like AOC.”  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCLXI
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A.                1492: King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain issued the Alhambra edict, which expelled Jews who were unwilling to convert to Christianity.
B.                1657: The English Parliament makes the Humble Petition to Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell offering him the crown; he declines.
C.                1745: The city of Prague expels its Jewish citizens.
D.                1831: Quebec and Montreal incorporate on this date.
E.                1850: U.S. population hits 23,191,876 (Black population: 3,638,808 (15.7%).  Meanwhile, the seventh vice president of the United States (served 1825-1832), Democratic-Republican John C. Calhoun, passed away on this date.
F.                 1854: Through the Treaty of Kanagawa, Commodore Perry forces Japan to opens ports to U.S.
G.               1861: During the opening days of the Civil War, the Confederacy takes over the mint located at New Orleans.
H.               1870: The first black American to vote in the United States--Thomas P Mundy of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. —does so on this date.
I.                   1878: Jack Johnson is first black American to hold a heavyweight boxing title.
J.                  1880: Wabash, Indiana, becomes the first town to electrify entirely with electric lighting and does so on this date.
K.               1889: French engineer Gustave Eiffel unfurled the French tricolor from atop the Eiffel Tower, officially marking its completion.
L.                1906: The Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States underwent founding to set rules in amateur sports.  The organization became the National Collegiate Athletic Association in 1910.
M.              1913: American financier J.P. Morgan died in Rome at age 75.
N.                1917: The U.S. purchases the Danish West Indies for $25 million and then renames them the U.S. Virgin Islands.
O.               1918: For the first time in the U.S., Daylight Saving Time went into effect.
P.                 1931: Notre Dame College football coach Knut Rockne, 43, died in the crash of a TWA plane in Bazaar, Kansas.
Q.               1932: The Ford Motor Company debuted its V-8 engine.
R.                1933: President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Emergency Conservation Work Act, which created the Civilian Conservation Corps.  Meanwhile, in Germany, the German Republic hands power over to Adolf Hitler.
S.                 1935: Famed trumpeter, Herb Alpert who would head the phenomenally successful Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass is born in Los Angeles, California, on this date.
T.                1939: Great Britain and France agree to support Poland should the Nazis invade the Eastern European nation.
U.                1940: La Guardia airport in New York officially opened to the public.
V.                1943: “Oklahoma!” the first musical play by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, opened on Broadway.
W.             1944: German ally Hungary orders its Jews to wear yellow stars, so its police forces and the Nazis can find them.  Meanwhile, future guitarist with Mott the Hoople and Bad Company—Mick Ralphs—was born in England on this date.
X.                1947: Frank Farrell—future bassist with the British rock band, Supertramp 1971-72—is born in England on this date.
Y.                1948: The future 45th vice president of the United States—Al Gore, Democrat, 1993-2001—is born on this date.
Z.                1949: Newfoundland (now called Newfoundland and Labrador) entered confederation as Canada’s 10th province.
AA.          1955: Angus Young—future guitarist with the Australian rock band, AC/DC—is born on this date Down-Under.
BB.           1958: The Chess record label released “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry on this date.
CC.          1959: The Dalai Lama flees Communist China and receives political asylum in neighboring India.
DD.          1960: Future guitarist with the British band, the ClashVince White—is born in the United Kingdom on this date.
EE.           1963: After 90 years of service, Los Angeles ends its streetcar service.
FF.           1965: The United States orders the first batch of combat troops to Vietnam.
GG.         1966: An estimated 200,000 antiwar demonstrators took to the streets in New York City to protest the war.  Meanwhile, the USSR launched Luna 10, which became the first spacecraft to enter lunar orbit.
HH.         1967: Jimi Hendrix, performing with the Experience, burns his guitar for the first time live on stage.
II.               1968: At the end of a nationally-broadcast address on Vietnam, President Lyndon B. Johnson stunned the country by announcing he would not seek reelection. He said, “I shall seek, and I will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as your president.” 
JJ.             1973: In the 12th round of their heavyweight title fight, Ken Norton beats Muhammad Ali in a split decision.
KK.         1976: The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that the family of Karen Ann Quinlan, who was in a persistent vegetative state, could disconnect her from her respirator.  However, she remained unconscious until death finally claimed her in 1985.
LL.           1980: In the 15th round of their heavyweight title fight, Michael Weaver knocks out “Big” John Tate to win the title.  Elsewhere, President Jimmy Carter deregulates the U.S. banking industry.
MM.      1982: The rock group, the Doobie Brothers, break up after achieving monster success.  
NN.          1986: 167 people died when a Mexican Airlines Boeing 727 crashed in a remote mountainous region of Mexico.
OO.         1991: The Soviet Republic of Georgia endorses independence; meanwhile, the Warsaw Pact dissolves in the collapse of the USSR.
PP.           1993: Actor Brandon Lee, 28, suffered a fatal, accidental gunshot wound during the filming of a movie in Wilmington, North Carolina, when a bullet fragment that had been lodge inside a prop gun hit him.
QQ.         1995: Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez, 23, died in Corpus Christi, Texas, when the founder of her fan club, Yolanda Saldivar shot her.  A jury of her peers convicted Saldivar of murder and sentenced to life in prison.
RR.          2000: In Uganda, officials set the number of deaths linked to a doomsday religious cult at more than 900 people.  A fire at the cult’s church killed more than 530 people and authorities subsequently uncovered mass graves at various sites linked to the cult.
SS.            2004: In Fallujah, Iraq, four American private military contractors working for Blackwater USA die in a terrorist strike; the people of the city mutilate their bodies and hang them from a freeway overpass.
TT.           2005: Terri Schiavo, 41, died at a hospice in Pinellas Park, Florida, 13 days after her husband disconnected her from her feeding tube in a wrenching right-to-die dispute.
UU.          2008: A Bahamas jury ruled that Anna Nicole Smith’s son, Daniel, died from an accidental drug overdose, just like his mother. 
VV.          2011: At a meeting in Nanjing, China, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says the main problem in the world's monetary system is countries that inhibit the free flow of the value of their currency.
WW.     2012: Construction workers make progress on the United Kingdom and the European Union's tallest building when workers place the spire of the Shard London Bridge into place.
XX.          2013: In China, two people die from H7N9 avian influenza infection.  H7N9 avian influenza is a sub-type that medical professionals previously did not believe was a threat to humans.
YY.          2014: The Obama Administration announces that it is going to enroll 7 million people in government-mandated medical insurance plans by the deadline of midnight tonight—they fell short.  Elsewhere, the International Court of Justice at the U.N. agrees that Japanese whaling is conducted for commercial purposes, not scientific research; Japan accepts the order to cease all whaling activities in the Antarctic—the Greenpeace scumbags are delirious with joy.
ZZ.          2015: Even though the deadline for discussions on the Iranian nuclear program has arrived, the petulant terrorist nation and six other countries agree to continue the talks because ‘some progress has been made.’  The Iranians are lying scumbags and we cannot trust them.


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46.             03-26-2015 Th: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CDIX: Fritz returns to the Israeli Elections, Congratulates Bibi Netanyahu, and wonders aloud as to how Barack Obama would feel if Bibi attempted to repay the Favor by funding Impeachment Groups against him?” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.
47.             03-27-2015 F: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CDX: When it comes to ‘Transparent Administrations,’ I think the One Barack Obama promised us is nowhere in Sight and it now is working against him, his Administration, and his Legacy—time for a Change?” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.
48.             03-28-2015 S: “Political Topics and Discussions, Part CDXV: Chef Fritz takes the Democrats running the State of California—the ONCE-Golden State—to Task over their Crackpot, Environmental Water Policies that are destroying the Farms and Ranchlands So Important for ALL of us” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.
49.             03-29-2015 Su: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CDXVI: Fritz concludes the Week by giving a Book Report on George Packer’s “The Assassins’ Gate-America’s War in Iraq,” a Book everyone wishing to understand the War and its Aftermath need to read” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.
50.             11-02-2015 M: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DLXV: Fritz hoped someone Else besides Hillary Clinton would have stepped into the Race but if she is what we have then we as Democrats need to get behind her UNLESS—Joe Biden enters the Race!” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.
51.             11-03-2015 T: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DLXVI: Fritz discusses the Mystique with which, Democrats associate Bill Clinton, WHY it is not Healthy for Our Party, and WHY we must inevitably move beyond it” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.
52.             11-04-2015 W: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DLXVII: as a Democrat, I am disturbed by this constant PUSH by OUR Candidates ever further to the LEFT—we are running out of Money to give away the Store—where’s Jim Webb?” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.
53.             11-05-2015 Th: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DLXVIII: Has Europe lost its Mind, or does it wish to return to the Days of either living under Muslim Domination or fearing it? —Western Europe is being invaded!” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.
54.             11-06-2015 F: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DLXIX: as Ray Bradbury wrote, ‘Something Wicked this Way Comes’ and the Millennial Generation has NO Idea as to how Dangerous it is” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.
55.             11-07-2015 S: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DLXX: Fritz discusses the CNBC Republican Debate Last Week and notes that the GOP is beginning to learn that the Media is NOT their Friend” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.
56.             11-08-2015 Su: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DLXXI: The Democrat Party should be shaking in its Shoes because the GOP has MORE Diversity, More Talent in their Ranks than we do in our Party—that is WHY I could vote for someone in the OTHER Party” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.
57.             03-14-2016 M: “As a Democrat, I support Many of the Goals established by our Party; however, we do need to ENFORCE the Immigration Laws because the System is NOT Broken, NO one enforces the existing Laws” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCXCIV
58.             03-15-2016 T: “Today is Yet another Super Tuesday and we look at the State of the 2016 Presidential Campaign on BOTH Sides of the Aisle so far and then look back at whence we started in the Summer of 2015” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCXCV
59.             03-16-2016 W: “While Democrats might not be thrilled with Hillary Clinton, the GOP RINO Leadership has created a Frankenstein Monster in the Rise and Subsequent Electoral Rampage of Donald J. Trump, something that causes me to laugh!” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCXCVI
60.             03-17-2016 Th: “On St. Patrick’s Day 2016, Chef Fritz discusses the Asinine Lunacy of Political Correctness, how it has gotten out of Control and how it threatens the Future of our Nation; we might not care for what People say but they have a God-given Right to say it” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCXCVII
61.             03-18-2016 F: “Republicans have done nothing but obstruct the Hope and Change Agenda President Barack Obama wanted to bestow upon the Nation but with Hillary barking like a Dog and Vladimir Putin laughing in a Trump Commercial, we are DOOMED” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCXCVIII
62.             03-19-2016 S: “The White Rose was the ill-fated anti-Nazi Movement launched by Students in Germany during World War II, the Movement the Hacker Group Anonymous equates with what it is attempting to do to Donald Trump” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCXCIX
63.             03-20-2016 Su: “Freedom Fighters of America are up and at it in their Attempts to thwart the Rise of Fascist Wannabe Dictator Donald J. Trump and all I can say is that I hope they succeed in their Noble Efforts” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCC
64.             09-05-2016 M: “The Labor Day 2016 Edition features our Favorite Batch of Political Cartoons culled from Local Newspapers because tomorrow, the Countdown to Election Day begins in earnest” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXLVII
65.             09-06-2016 T: “Whether we Democrats like it or not, we have to be Honest about our Chances in November and right now—if Hillary Clinton continues as she has—we might see the Frankenstein Monster in the White House” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXLVIII 
66.             09-07-2016 W: “As Hillary continues to implode and Trump continues to rise, the Democratic Party finds itself in a Place we have not been in, in a Long Time—we face Disaster unless we send in someone such as Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXLIX
67.             09-08-2016 Th: “I agree with Donald Trump that National Security is a Critical Issue, but I believe Hillary—if she gets on the Ball—is the One who can fix it and who is better qualified to lead the Nation” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCL
68.             09-09-2016 F: “If it was not for Talk Radio and Fox News Channel, I think we could push Hillary Clinton over the Top despite her apparent Health Issues—is Tim Kaine truly up for the Job?” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCLI
69.             09-10-2016 S: “Like it or not, this is ONE of the Worst Presidential Elections the Nation has ever seen what with a Liar, a Troll, a Drug-Lover, and a ‘save the world’ Environmental Loser” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCLII
70.             09-11-2016 Su: “While praising the Victims of September 11, 2001, let us find a way to ignite a Conflagration beneath the Butts of the Last Two Generations so we can get them to the Polling Places in November” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCLIII
71.             04-03-2017 M: “Last September, I predicted that we would go down to defeat on November 8 unless we somehow subbed Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders for Hillary and was I ever correct” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MXLII 
72.             04-04-2017 T: “The Dems have blown it by seeking to filibuster Neil Gorsuch—just wait until President Trump sends Ted Cruz to the Hill for the next Supreme Court vacancy, we will have no weapons” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MXLIII
73.             04-05-2017 W: “Democrats seek to make humanity better than we find it whereas the GOP seeks to deprive people of the necessary means to get by and Donald Trump ranks among the worst of the worst” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MXLIV
74.             04-06-2017 Th: “Our blind allegiance to President Obama could cost the Democrat Party big thanks to recent revelations as to how the White House actively involved itself in investigating Donald Trump” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MXLV
75.             04-07-2017 F: “Trump seeks to eradicate all things ‘Obama,’ including the Iranian Nuclear Deal—let us hope that the billionaire president does not set the Middle East on fire!” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MXLVI
76.             04-08-2017 S: “Will Trump continue his nonstop attacks on former President Obama by reversing course and sending American ground troops to do battle in Syria over their use of chemical weapons?” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MXLVII
77.             04-09-2017 Su: “The 20th Century was a time of upheaval, war, death, and disaster and similar problems are rising again; the question is, does Donald Trump have the substance to deal with them?” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MXLVIII
88.             04-05-2018 Th: “Thomas Friedman, former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama will not be the ones putting the country back together following your perceived ‘Constitutional crisis;’ no, Mike Pence will” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MCD
89.             04-06-2018 F: “Before we consider listening to Thomas Friedman as to what should happen should Donald Trump undergo removal from office, let us look at Roman history first so we can envision the pitfalls awaiting us” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MCDI
91.             04-08-2018 Su: “After handicapping the possible and declared 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, I end up with one possible candidate but if she won, we would become a banana republic” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MCDIII
94.             09-26-2018 W: “Enemies such as the Russians understand that our Achilles’ heel is racial division and charges of sexual crimes; boy, the Democrats are dancing to Vladimir Putin’s jig as they try to eradicate Brett Kavanaugh” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDLXXIV
96.             09-28-2018 F: “Claims made by Michael Avenatti client Julie Swetnick resemble more the Muslim rape gangs of Great Britain than they do something done by Brett Kavanaugh” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDLXXVI
97.             09-29-2018 S: “When we learn the truth, I fear the media and the Democrats will be guilty of collusion as the two entities set in motion a scheme to topple a duly-elected president and everyone around him” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDLXXVII
100.         03-26-2019 T: “Time to heal the nation, President Trump- punish ALL coup plotters now no matter how high the conspiracy goes…” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCLVI
101.         03-27-2019 W: “Be careful what you wish for, Democrats; when AG Bill Barr releases entire Mueller report, I suspect it will incriminate high-ranking Dems such as Obama and Hillary” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCLVII
102.         03-28-2019 Th: “The Left never sleeps- they will always find ways at outlawing or circumventing the things they don’t like such as how Google is closing G-Plus to clamp down free speech” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCLVIII
103.         03-29-2019 F: Before our nation can heal and move on, the conspirators to remove Donald Trump from office must face justice and suffer the consequences” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCLIX
104.         03-30-2019 S: “Democrats are the ones working with the nation’s enemies, not President Trump which is why I hope all of you awaken to who is playing you- the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, and the NORCs are manipulating YOU” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCLX
105.         03-31-2019 Su: “Unless we act now, the prophecy made by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev that communism would devour us from within could soon be realized thanks to indoctrinated leftists like AOC” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCLXI

106.       11-04-2015 W: “Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part Sixty-Two: Chef Fritz gets his First Opportunity to do the Secondary Blog and discusses the Sturm und Drang of Beverly Carrick Artworks—join him!” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.
107.       03-16-2016 W: “How about that—Senator Rubio FINALLY threw in the Towel Last Night after suffering the pummeling of his Life while it appears Droopy-Lipped John Kasich beat Donald Trump in the Buckeye State—WOW!” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part LXXXIX
108.       09-07-2016 W: “I first fell in Love with Beverly Carrick’s Artworks while on a Golf Outing in Palm Springs, California, Decades ago, something I hope YOU will while you spend Time here at the Blog viewing today’s Selection” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part CXIII 
109.       04-05-2017 W: “Always have an art authenticator value your works so Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, and even North Korean art counterfeiters do not snooker you into buying a Beverly Carrick ‘reproduction’” by Chef Fritz Schlependrecht.  Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part CXLIII

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